Release Notes – 8/20/21

We wanted to let you know of a significant release in our product that is live this week on the ONEcount platform: ONEcount now offers geographically-based web analytics, segment building and user targeting. This allows you to see where in the world (literally) your visitors are coming from, select groups of visitors based on geographic region, and then examine them in List Wizard, or convert them into a segment for further targeting.

Using the new tool, it’s possible to determine how many web site visitors are coming to your site from within say 100 miles of an upcoming event. You can then segment those visitors and deploy an on-platform e-mail to them offering a discounted admission to the event, and even target those visitors with pop-ups and banners for last-minute incentives, all from within the ONEcount platform.

The new functionality, called ONEcount GEO, is available to all customers for an additional license fee. To gain access to this capability, or for a free demo, please e-mail Joanne Persico,

Other great stuff in this new release include:

  • Displaying current subscriber counts on the product and package listing pages. Now, instead of having to toggle into ONEmail to see how many are currently subscribed to a list, you can just go to Setup->Products and see the # of current subscribers next to each product.
  • Adding more details to “demo tag existing” error while creating demo: Previously if you tried to assign a Demo Tag to two questions, you received a rather cryptic error.
  • Changed the graphs on home screens to load asynchronously so home page loads quickly: The ONEcount dashboard could sometimes get hung waiting for a slow-loading graph. Now, the graphs load in parallel for a faster presentation.
  • Added list all user options along search user option: Under the search box in the upper-right, now you will see a List All option to list all users in the system.
  • Updated create user and edit user screen to make them look more modern and function better.
  • Ability to create your own engagement metrics. So you can track literally any engagement whether it is taking a quiz, watching a video, attending a conference or trade show, playing the violin–literally any engagement metric you would like to track can now be added to ONEcount. We’ve also added the ability to query these metrics via the List Wizard, and to segment users based on these ad-hoc engagement metrics in the Segment Builder
  • Increase timeouts in import and export jobs: Previously, some long-running jobs would fail due to internal timeouts.
  • Cleanup widget builder to remove options we no longer support.
  • Modify import and export tool to have toggle between products and packages: Previously users were presented with both package and product options, which made it confusing. Now, you pick either products or packages.
  • Trimming long URL names in analytics to display charts correctly

As always, these changes are designed to be transparent to your operations. If you encounter any issues or have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to all or e-mail, or file a ticket with our help desk.

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