Release Notes – 6/18/21

We wanted to let you all know that the ONEcount release for 6/18/2021 went live yesterday afternoon. This release includes a number of bug fixes, as well as a new feature that allows customers to define their own engagement metrics, which can include everything from video playback, quizzes, and other forms of interaction with your brands and products.

The new engagement metrics feature a tool under the “SETUP” menu where you can define the engagement type, like perhaps an ON24 webinar or a Brightcove video. Once you have defined the type, you can create custom metrics for that specific metric type; completion in the case of an ON24 webinar, or total view time for a video. You can define as many metrics as you want for the engagement type.

Once completed, you can map your new metrics into and out of ONEcount using DExTr in combination with our standard Import/Export tools.

Future development will include using these custom engagement metrics in the List Wizard and Segmentation tools.

Other fixes addressed in this release include:

* Updated import tool for better reporting of failure causes
* Resolved occasional SFTP connect issues with imports
* Fixed demographics creation pop-up to make it more user-friendly
* Show invalid OCIDs on summary page for bulk operations
* Modify A/B form serving logic to be more fair between versions
* Renew expiry date in List Match
* Fixed issue where ONEmail analytics would sometimes not appear in ONEcount

‹‹We do not expect these improvements to have any negative impact on your operations, but as always if you have any issues or concerns, please file a help desk ticket or e-mail and we will get right on it.

Thank you and have a great week!

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