Release Notes – 4/9/21

Happy Friday! As we head into the weekend, we wanted to make you aware of a new ONEcount release that is going live this afternoon! The release will include the following features and enhancements:

  • Added the ability to define exports using Terms instead of Packages in the Export tool
  • Adding Summary table to transaction analytics; this will provide better insight into the amount and types of $$ earned during the examined period
  • Excluding URLs in newsletter analytics: This will allow you to exclude house-keeping URLs (subscribe, unsub, etc.) from the click-through data you present in the dashboards
  • The Products listing page has been enhanced to show what packages a product is included in
  • Enhancements to the receipts sent to customers for paid products
  • Fixing slowness in ONEMail campaign listing page: Many customers noticed that after the last upgrade when we changed the way ONEmail fetches the subject for web-fetched campaigns during sending, the campaign listing pages became very slow. This was because ONEmail was trying to update the subject line (by fetching it remotely) for each campaign in the list. We’ve changed this behavior to use the subject line that is already saved in the database
  • Updates to Import tool to provide more data when imports fail
  • Updates to Export tool to provide more data when exports fail
  • Resolved issues caused my having multiple List Wizard tabs open at a time in ONEcount back-end. Users have experienced a number of issues, particularly with List Wizard, when there are more than one LW tab open in a user’s browser.  This has impacted saved queries and downloading query results. Both of these issues should be resolved with today’s release.
  • CC transactions: there have been some reports from customers that when they run form analytics or set up export feeds of transactions that are remotely processed (either through a payment processor or a fulfillment company), the resulting transaction was sometimes not showing in the feed or analytics screen, even though the user was properly set up in ONEcount and the user had proper access permissions. We have made changes to the processing of these remote transactions that should resolve the issue going forward.

We don’t expect any of these changes or enhancements will negatively impact your operations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact know if you have any questions or concerns.


Please come find out what we’re working on and provide feedback into releases yet to be. Every release, fix and improvement to the ONEcount platform is the result of customer feedback, so make your ideas and pain points known!

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