ONEcount Release Notes for 7/2/2020

Before you head off to whatever it is you planned on doing this holiday weekend…which, let’s face it likely isn’t that much considering that everything is closing up again because of the Covid-19 …

But, anyway … the team wanted me to let you know that we have a brand new release coming out this afternoon with some new features that I’m sure you will find worth putting down your beer or hot dog to investigate.

  • Fixing empty ONECount products ID in product mapping in DExTr
  • Modify List Wizard to query based on user segments
  • Modify List Wizard to query based on web content
  • Dramatic changes to our Form Analytics page, with a host of informative charts and graphs designed to help you discern more about how your audience is interacting with your forms. A special thank you to Dan from The New Republic for spending time with our team to share the analytical stylings he’s put forth in Excel. Dan, I hope this eliminates your need for spreadsheets. And no, you don’t get a cut!
  • Remove user details from Credit Card billing form. Previously we had several demographic fields on the credit card form but those did not align with the actual demo questions, so we have removed them.
  • Adding hyperlinks in home screen dashboard to views to the tools in inventory that they monitor.
  • File upload option in import job along with FTP/SFTP. This should eliminate the need for many people to use the List Match tool to import data into ONEcount, while also eliminating the need to FTP a file for a quick import. From the Import Tool, you can now browse your hard drive and upload a file directly into our FTP, where it will be processed through DExTR.
  • Fixing dedupe and download bugs in the List match tool (which we are trying to move you away from

Coming soon:

  • Creating Behavioral segments using referrer, Device, URL parameters
  • Optimizing real time targeting.
  • Content recommendations via e-mail

If you have ideas about any of these features or anything else, please drop us a line or e-mail

Have a great weekend!

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