ONEcount Release Notes for 5/22/2020

We are on a roll right now folks! Everyone has got their neck gaiters and gloves on; the gyms are open, the restaurants are open, the bars are packed … even the beaches here in Florida are set to open next week! Things are starting to rock again!

But the ONEcount team, we’re not like that. We may sneak out to the beach for a little while when no one is looking, but we’re going to stay hunkered down for a while … working from home, hoping to let this whole virus thing work it’s course.

That’s good news for you though, because we are going to continue churning out great new features that make ONEcount an even more vital component of your online operation.

This Friday we will release the following changes/improvements to our platform:

  • Facebook Targeting: Now you can create a segment in our Segment Manager and push that segment into Facebook for targeting with Facebook ads. This feature has been available for about a year, but required our technical team to push the segments. Now it is fully-automated.
  • New Login/Lookup page: Many of you who use ONEcount for gating have been frustrated with all of the options and settings required to deploy the Login/Lookup page the way you wanted. We took that feedback to heart and consolidated all of the required options into a single tool for creating the Login/Lookup page. We also managed to sex up the appearance of the Login/Lookup page while we were at it. Please note that the new page is disabled; you will need to configure and activate it before it replaces the page you have now. Please open a ticket with the Help Desk if you need assistance.
  • Adding Int and date type demo fields: These are two new demographic field types that are being added to the system. These will enable segment and List Wizard searches for greater than/less than on numeric fields, or before and after on date fields.
  • New Export tool: This will allow you to schedule export jobs from the main navigation, without having to go into the Dashboard system and first create a dashboard.
  • Adding Banner and Newsletter activity to the Customer Journey Screens in User profile
  • Modifying DExTr to accept more fields: Currently DExTr can only support up to 80 demographics fields. This will increase the number of demographic fields DExTr can map to 150.
  • Optimizing script that will add users to lists in ONEmail
  • Pulling Bounce data from ONEMail into ONEcount
  • Changing Intrix process to save multiple tokens based on merchant
  • Changing default country display in OC
  • Fixing bugs in Import job screen for improved speed and reliability

As always, if you have any questions about the upcoming release, please e-mail If you have problems once it is out, please open a support ticket on the help desk and our team will respond right away.