Publisher’s Creative Systems Enlists as ONEcount Integration Partner

ONEcount Database Integration

Publisher’s Creative Systems (PCS) is excited to announce that it has entered into a strategic alliance with ONEcount, the industry-leading identity-driven data management platform (DMP) purpose-built for media companies.

Using current information from the PCS fulfillment system—all at the customer and prospect level—this strategic partnership enables PCS clients to identify, track, target and monetize web site visitors.

ONEcount’s sophisticated DMP utilizes data from all audience segments, including subscription circulation, newsletters, trade shows or conference attendees, and web/banner activity. By unifying it all into a single, manageable data source, publishers can more effectively monetize their brands and convert vital audience data into highly relevant marketing, content and sales initiatives.

“Our clients continue to seek more actionable information about their customers. They need to know who their customers and prospects are on an individual level, and how their behaviors affect their actions. ONEcount’s technology, combined with our proven fulfillment system, provides our clients the ability to target their audiences with information that will improve their bottom line,” reports Kelly Ciuffreda, President of PCS.

Key benefits:

  • Track uniques across all devices, browsers and sessions
  • Create unified database of all business segments with a modular design that can be enhanced and expanded as new data points are added
  • Segment and analyze audiences based on behavior and identity, creating sophisticated targeting rules for advertising, content and other marketing offerings
  • Manage and track every interaction across all channels
  • Aggregate a complete view of activities and insights across audiences and campaigns within the ONEcount dashboard
  • Convert unknown web visitors into known users, allowing for greater segmentation and delivering higher ROI

“We are excited to join forces with PCS and offer their clients an identity-driven advertising platform that will maximize revenues while reducing costs,” said ONEcount President Joanne Persico. “This PCS/ONEcount combo makes a publisher’s audience more valuable to advertisers. The attention to detail and high-quality customer service PCS offers its valuable clients makes them an ideal partner.”

About ONEcount
ONEcount is the only behavior and identity-driven DMP in the industry. It allows media companies to leverage their first-party audience data, providing precise targeting to individuals and look-alike segments across their media properties. For a full list of integrations and partners, click here.

About Publisher’s Creative Systems
Publisher’s Creative Systems is a supplier of marketing and fulfillment services for consumer and business magazines, providing state-of-the-art technologies combined with proactive account management services.

If you’d like to learn more about this powerful integrated technology, and see a first-hand demonstration of how it all works, contact Tony Theiss, VP of Sales & Marketing of PCS at 818.501.3679 or or Joanne Persico, President at or call 203.665.6211 x204.