ONEcount and Real Magnet Focus on Tighter Integration

ONEcount, a CODiE Finalist for Best DMP (Data Management Platform) announced that it is improving its integration with Real Magnet’s marketing platform to provide mutual customers with an improved work-flow and faster access to data between the two systems.

Real Magnet’s powerful marketing automation and e-mail delivery platform delivers millions of e-mails, effectively informing hundreds of thousands of transactions every day.

“Our core mission is to make data actionable across all platforms, and the improvements will help customers of both companies drive more advertising revenue from each ad buy,” said ONEcount President Joanne Persico.

“Making marketing more effective, targeted and seamless has always been our mission at Real Magnet and this deeper integration with ONEcount now provides some incredible tools for increasing revenue and overall marketing ROI” said Real Magnet’s President Tom Pines.

Improvements between the two platforms are being rolled out in two stages. By June 1, customers will be able to get a near real-time stream of open and click data from the Magnet Mail platform into their ONEcount dashboards. This allows ONEcount’s powerful audience segmentation tools and targeting engines to respond more quickly to e-mail triggered events.

Also by June 1, Real Magnet customers will no longer be required to modify the links in their e-mail templates to support ONEcount, so customers can seamlessly move their e-mail to MagnetMail without modifying their templates.

Typically a customer who wants to enable e-mail click tracking in ONEcount will need to append a secured, hashed token to their links so that software on the web page can identify and cookie the user. With this new enhancement, Magnet Mail will automatically append that hash to all e-mail links while sending the e-mail, eliminating this time-consuming step.

Later this summer, the two platforms will be improved o allow ONEcount actions to be used as end-points in the Real Magnet Marketing Automation platform. This allows triggers or campaigns created in one system to consider actions performed in the other.

For example, with the new end-points, a publisher could trigger an e-mail campaign in Real Magnet that would continue until a specified number of banner impressions had been achieved by a specific type of person based on ONEcount’s identity-driven targeting rules. This will allow publishers to tailor sponsored campaigns to produce the highest yield while eliminating audience fatigue and banner over-spray.

About ONEcount

ONEcount is the only identity-based DMP in the industry. It allows media companies to leverage their first-party audience data to provide precise targeting to individuals and look-alike segments across their media properties.

“ONEcount is breaking new ground in the DMP category by factoring identity into the equation,” said Sean Fulton, vice president of technology for ONEcount. “Advertisers are finding that identity-based targeting brings a higher return on their investment and are looking for platforms like ONEcount that can combine identity with behavior for a more complete picture of the customer.”

About Real Magnet

Real Magnet is a leading marketing automation platform that helps businesses attract, engage and deliver better email, marketing, social and mobile campaigns. Real Magnet simplifies marketing automation with its intuitive design, seamless integration with leading CRMs and dedicated consultative team that ensures smarter engagement.

Real Magnet’s easy to use platform, intelligent productive analytics and exceptional email deliverability helps the modern marketer navigate and succeed in a complex digital marketing landscape.

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