Cambey & West Integrates with ONEcount’s Identity-Driven Advertising & Targeting Platform

camby-and-westONEcount and Cambey & West have announced a strategic integration partnership, giving C&W fulfillment customers near real-time access to the ONEcount Identity-Based Advertising Platform.

The integration allows ONEcount to identify, track and target web site visitors using the most up-to-date information in C&W’s circulation databases. Updates in ONEcount are seamlessly transferred into C&W’s system, allowing for a truly integrated user experience across all platforms.

  • Target advertising, content and e-mails to specific users based on behavior and identity
  • Provide advertisers with detailed engagement data broken down by tactic across all silos
  • Integrate third-party vendors and services using a powerful API
  • Gate content and segment audiences using intuitive, web-based tools
  • Detect and mitigate Invalid/Non-Human web traffic

The bi-directional integration between the two systems gives publishing and association media customers a powerful toolkit that no single fulfillment vendor currently offers.

“Our goal in partnering with leading fulfillment companies like Cambey & West is to tightly integrate a publisher’s most valuable asset—its audience—with our powerful, identity-based platform,” said Sean Fulton, ONEcount’s Vice President of Technology. “Cambey & West has always been a leader in connecting its customer’s data to leading technology platforms, and we’re thrilled that they chose ONEcount.”

While similar in form and function to a traditional Data Management Platform (DMP), ONEcount enables publishers to segment audiences based on behavior and identity, creating sophisticated targeting rules for advertising, content and other offers. Traditional DMPs only use behavior-based tracking to identify potential audience segments but in today’s highly-competitive digital media-sphere, publishers said that is not enough.

80% of publishers say they can’t compete with Google or Facebook without better ad targeting technology, according to a 2015 Econsultancy Survey. “Google and Facebook are the masters of identity-driven advertising. ONEcount simply levels the playing field, putting the power back into the hands of publishers who can now leverage the true power of their audience data and act on audience relevantly,” Fulton said.

He noted that ONEcount is the only identity-based platform available. Because each web visitor is matched against a real “known” identity, third-party data can be appended to that record to gain an even deeper understanding of each visitor. Gleaning this “deeper understanding” of audience—and creating a richer connection with them—naturally translates to more effective marketing programs, providing direction for new business, content strategy, print-to-digital shifts, retention and engagement and higher CPMs.

“As our clients look to gain more business intelligence about their audiences, to learn not just who they are but what they do, we wanted to partner with a company with a proven track record for identifying and enriching known audience data,” said Diane Cuellar, Cambey & West President and CEO. “We have so much data; now ONEcount provides a sophisticated tool that our clients can easily employ to augment that data and target well-defined segments of their audiences,” she added.

About ONEcount
ONEcount is an identity-driven advertising platform specifically designed for media companies. The software features a powerful targeting engine that can be used to target content and banners against both behavior and identity. One of the key strengths of ONEcount is its ability to convert unknown web visitors into “known” users, allowing greater segmenting and higher ROI.

About Cambey & West
Cambey & West is a leading provider of subscription fulfillment and integrated database management services for the publishing industry. Its clients include B-to-B and consumer media companies with multi-platform products, as well as association publishers. As more publishers ramp up their digital presence, Cambey & West provides continual innovative technology solutions, often customizing these solutions to meet client-specific needs, including integrating with third parties for paywall access and data synchronization.

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