ONEcount Integrates With Hallmark Data Systems

Track Digital Activities

The most advanced data management platform for publishers can now exchange data with Hallmark Data Systems.

This means that media companies using Hallmark’s fulfillment services can use ONEcount’s advanced DMP platform for tracking and targeting their audiences.

ONEcount is the only data management platform designed by publishers for publishers. The system is designed to help monetize in-bound traffic, combining a powerful identity-management engine with targeting tools that can direct specific banners and content at users based not just on behavior, but also based on who those users are.

ONEcount’s powerful SaaS platform includes enterprise-wide, single sign-on tools, unlimited e-mail distribution, paywall and reg-wall site gating tools, an intuitive form builder, a self-service advertiser dashboard, lead generation and advanced real-time cross-silo analytics.

What has made it even better is ONEcount’s ability to bi-directionally exchange data with Hallmark’s fulfillment services, giving ONEcount a true, 360-degree view of a publisher’s audience activity.

The launch customer for this new capability is Foodservice Equipment Reports, or FER, which has been a long-time customer of both Hallmark’s fulfillment services and ONEcount’s DMP platform.

“In this media environment, it’s critical to integrate all our print and electronic databases, and be able to track our readers’ behavior. This will help us better understand their needs and create new products that better serve them and our advertisers. ONECount allows us to do that,” said Robin Ashton, Publisher of FER.

During the last several years, many publishers have tasked their fulfillment vendors to provide data management services that extend well beyond traditional audience management. This stretches the capabilities of the fulfillment vendor while depriving the publisher of a true, best-of-breed DMP solution.

“ONEcount was designed from the ground-up as a purpose-built DMP. Our commitment to the publishing industry means we will partner with, and integrate with, fulfillment providers in order to meet the needs of our mutual customers,” said GCN Media Vice President Sean Fulton.

“We’re pleased to have this integration completed, and are looking forward to announcing more integrations in the weeks ahead.” With this new integration, Hallmark will manage all of FER’s print circulation efforts, including requals and renewals. Transactions completed in Hallmark will be pushed into ONEcount’s real-time DMP on a pre-selected schedule. ONEcount will manage all subscriber-facing forms and interactions, and push any subscription operations over to Hallmark’s data warehouse. The ONEcount platform has been audited by both VAC and BPA, and any transactions completed through ONEcount maintain a complete audit trail. On the web site, ONEcount will track users across all of FER’s web-based properties, including e-newsletters, webinars, web sites., etc. Users can be individually targeted for special e-mail alerts, e-newsletters, banners, or targeted content based not just on behavior, but also based on who they are.

What is a DMP?
A Data Management Platform is an integrated, identity-driven database that stores user identity and activity data for all of your media channels. DMPs typically integrate with both back-end and front-end systems to provide integrated reporting, seamless targeting and a simplified view of your user activities. A DMP allows you to segment specific users from your audience and have them automatically targeted with e-newsletters, pop-ups, personalized content or targeted banners.

A DMP provides a single, unified repository for all of your user data, reducing duplication, increasing efficiencies and aligning costs for delivering a better user experience for readers, and higher yield for your advertisers. A DMP does not replace a fulfillment database; it connects to your fulfillment database and provides a central exchange that interacts with all of your other applications.

About ONEcount
ONEcount is the data management platform that was specifically designed for media companies. The software features a powerful targeting engine that can be used to target content and banners against both behavior and identity. One of the key strengths of ONEcount is its ability to convert unknown web visitors into “known” visitors, allowing greater segmenting and higher ROI. ONEcount is the only identity-based targeting platform that allows marketers to have a one-to-one conversation with their customers.

For more information about ONEcount, contact Joanne Persico at 203.665.6211, x204.

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