ONEcount Hits Release 10.0.1 Summit: New Features Added

ONEcount Platform - Dashboards

GCN Media is pleased to announce that the most advanced audience engagement platform on the market has just gotten better: ONEcount 10.0.1 has completed QA testing and will be rolled out to all existing customers by August 1st.

This latest release puts a number of powerful new features into hands of media companies and marketers, giving greater insight into who is engaging with their brands across multiple data silos.

ONEcount is the only engagement platform that includes enterprise-wide, single sign-on tools, unlimited e-mail distribution, pay-wall and reg-wall site gating tools, an intuitive form builder, a self-service advertiser dashboard, lead generation, and advanced, real-time cross-silo analytics, all in a single, powerful SAAS platform.

“We’ve made a commitment to push out three major releases of ONEcount this summer, and 10.0.1 is the first of the summer,” said GCN Media President Joanne Persico. “Other releases scheduled to go live this summer will include a drag-and-drop form builder, social sign-on, and enhanced marketing automation toolkit, making ONEcount the most advanced engagement platform on the market.”

New features in the 10.0.1 release include:

  • Snapshot charts (including Page Views, Banner Impressions, Subscription Progress, Devices, Unknown to Known Conversion, Email Opens, Webinar Attendees, Video Views) and Heat-maps for week/month/year added to Home Page.
  • Advanced “look-up” tools that allow users to self-identify by looking themselves up in a database instead of having to register or create a new (possibly duplicate) account.
  • Advanced user-tracking feature that allows you to drill down on every page, banner, newsletter, and subscription activity for a given individual in your system.
    Intelligent input verification that checks user’s data in real-time as it is being entered in web-based forms.
  • A new BRAND tool that allows you to create branded forms and email acknowledgements for media companies maintaining multiple brands in a single ONEcount installation.
  • Website Analytics has been enhanced to include charts of Known-Unknown Views; summary data on page views, page visits, and known users; top URL data; referrer data; and device data.
  • Ad Analytics has been enhanced to include summary data on total impressions, total known impressions, and total unknown impressions.
  • Newsletter Analytics has been enhanced to include improved charts.
  • Integration with the RealMagnet Magnet Mail platform.
  • Integration with Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers platform for real-time analytics (who saw which ads) and advanced banner targeting (showing specific ads to specific known users)

About ONEcount
ONEcount is the data management platform that was specifically designed for media companies. The software features a powerful targeting engine that can be used to target content and banners against both behavior and identity. One of the key strengths of ONEcount is its ability to convert unknown web visitors into “known” visitors, allowing greater segmenting and higher ROI. ONEcount is the only identity-based targeting platform that allows marketers to have a one-to-one conversation with their customers.

For more information about ONEcount, contact Joanne Persico at 203.665.6211, x204.

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