ONEcount To Get API Access

GCN Media, makers of the ONEcount audience engagement platform, have announced an API that will allow customers to connect the SAAS-based platform to any data provider or reporting tool.

The ONEcount Exchange Toolkit (OET) will give customers the ability to store data from third-party e-mail platforms, access control systems, fulfillment databases and in-house applications in ONEcount’s unified audience management platform.

The OET will also allow customers to query the ONEcount platform for reporting and data analysis functions.

Since all ONEcount data is collected and managed in real-time, the OET presents a powerful new opportunity for media companies to integrate ONEcount into their complete data enterprise without giving up any of the services they use today.

ONEcount provides an integrated suite of tools that allow media companies to monitor subscriber engagement across all media channels.

The software platform includes a complete e-newsletter distribution suite, web-based data collection widgets, a login/paywall widget, an interactive form builder, and a powerful list wizard for running cross-media engagement reports and performing circulation fulfillment services.

ONEcount has been praised by circulation and marketing professionals alike for its power with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

A key feature of ONEcount is that it is designed with a full audit trail for circulation auditing. Media companies can store audio or other digital media files with customer records providing a complete digital backup for every transaction. All online form data is archived with the form that the user filled out, as well as a subscriber source code. This allows BPA or ABC auditors to view the transaction and the form the user filled out when the renewed or subscribed–even if the form has changed in the intervening months or years.

“To be frank, we initially resisted the idea of an API because we felt it would dilute the audit trail ONEcount maintains in order to pass a BPA or ABC audit,” said Sean Fulton, Vice President of Technology.

“After evaluating feedback from customers and BPA, we’ve determined that  we can keep the platform audit-compliant and still be open to third-party apps.”

Records entered into ONEcount through the OAT will have a unique source code like other imported data, and audits can be formed on the incoming data by tracing it back to the original source.

About ONEcount
ONEcount is the data management platform that was specifically designed for media companies. The software features a powerful targeting engine that can be used to target content and banners against both behavior and identity. One of the key strengths of ONEcount is its ability to convert unknown web visitors into “known” visitors, allowing greater segmenting and higher ROI. ONEcount is the only identity-based targeting platform that allows marketers to have a one-to-one conversation with their customers.

For more information about ONEcount, contact Joanne Persico at 203.665.6211, x204.

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